Toni D Driver

Attorney at Law & Mediator


Compassionate Divorce Attorney

The dissolution of a marriage is a profoundly emotional and financially challenging time for everyone involved. As you grapple with matters like conservatorship, child support, possession and access, and the division of marital assets, you also must cope with the end of a once-beloved relationship.

During these trying times, having an experienced, assertive, yet empathetic attorney by your side is crucial to safeguarding your rights. Ms. Driver is here to provide the legal assistance you need to navigate your divorce case. We extend a warm invitation for a free initial consultation on all divorce cases—contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation.

  • New: Virtual Consultations on Zoom Now Available!
  • Skilled in Handling All Divorce-Related Matters

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of divorce-related issues, including:

Complex Divorce

Uncontested Divorce


Temporary Orders

Divorce Planning

Property Valuation


Possession and Access

Child Support

Restraining Orders

Protective Order

Child Advocacy

Get a Resolution for Your Divorce Case Out of Court

We firmly believe that a divorce need not evolve into a protracted courtroom battle. In fact, the majority of the divorce cases we’ve handled have reached amicable resolutions outside the courtroom. Our attorney understands your desire to part ways amicably and peacefully.

Allow us to work diligently in constructing a robust case that favors your interests, enabling you and your spouse to separate on positive terms.

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